Simple web analytics

The problem

When you're starting a new venture, you can't go live without analytics. Getting everything set up can be a real time-sink. Then there's trying to pick through the data. What does it all mean?

There are great services out there for folks who need to collect a ton of data and slice and dice it to pieces. What if you just want to know if anyone is coming to your site and where they're coming from?

The solution

This is Mirrorshades: simple web analytics. There's no sign-up. Just click a thing and here's a tracking code to copy and paste along with a link to view your data. Put the code on your site. Save the link and share it with whoever you like.

Collected data is sliced two ways to answer two questions: how many folks are showing up and where did they come from? A nice graph shows 30 days of traffic and a streamlined table shows traffic sources sorted by their contribution. Here's an example showing data for one of my sites.

You might be surprised to learn that in 2018 some analytics dashboards still don't work very well on mobile. Mirrorshades does. Mirrorshades is svelte and responsive.

The price

Mirrorshades is in open beta right now. You're welcome to use it for free. Your valuable feedback is payment enough. As things shape up, expect simple and modest pricing for a simple and modest service.

The call to action

Ready to try it? Get started right now.

Still not sure? Check out the sample data.

Think it looks cool, but don't have a project that's a good fit right now? Bookmark this page and share it with a friend who does.